david3Art galleries aren’t the only places where art is showcased. The innumerable places one can run across a great piece is mind blowing. Some places where you might expect to see fine art are inside of museums and historic buildings. Other places that are not as conventional, are typically tied to street art. These pieces are scattered about on the outside of train cars, and sometimes painted on the sides of buildings. Muralist, David Walker has been fortunate enough to have his work displayed in some of these unconventional places, and all over the world.
David Walker is from London, a place where artistry is a staple of the culture. The abruptness of how art changes makes becoming and staying relevant difficult for some. As for Walker though, that’s not the case at all. He admits that he can go months without painting murals, but only because of his own preference. If he feels his paintings aren’t up to par or he’s experimenting with new ideas, he’ll steer clear of doing any murals for a bit.  Walker has always had his own style, preferences, and standards; going about things his own way. He’s been influenced by street and traditional art.  His art is a prime representation of how traditional and urban art combine to make masterpieces.

david5Starting out, Walker’s spray painting was pretty simple. In fact, he would only use blacks and whites, and a little pink. In part because that was more cost effective, but he used that simplicity to focus on the subject’s intricacies. Creating predominantly black and white pieces yet with such great detail, gave his work a rare feel. While that was just a few years ago, he has since become more color driven.

As luck would have it, Walker found a box of spray paint that was brand new, and contained different color paints. This infusion of colors expanded his ability in a major way. The already skilled spray painter was now able to give more to his audience.

Walker is known for using variations of colors to accent textures and shadows. Most of his subjects in his paintings were women that he has seen photographs of in magazines and in internet advertisements. “Nowadays, I just see a face and I feel like it would make a beautiful painting, it’s unconscious,” he says.

david4He also is known for his elite can control. That’s right, he doesn’t use any stencils or any types of aides. All freehand, or free can I guess you could say. This is a rarity for almost any artist to be free of aides, but especially to only use spray paint. This technique is still relatively new to Walker, but he’s adapted extremely well. It wasn’t until an LA exhibition where he realized with some help from a fellow artist, Shione, that he was being too cautious. “I was too careful and worried to enjoy painting,” Walker said. “(Shione) he told me ‘Just go to the wall and enjoy the process.”

As I said earlier, Walker’s work has been done all over the world. From New York, to Hong Kong, on over to Berlin, Walker has created some of today’s coolest spray painted pieces. Following a piece he had painted in Miami that took five days to complete, he was off to France to attend an art festival. There, he would also contribute one of his paintings. A rare occurrence for Walker, he explains in an interview with Fatcap.com, “I refused many offers to paint at festivals, I see street art as the pleasure of creating in the moment. I don’t let the trend get the best of me.” The Berlin piece was also a very notable one because it was a collaborative piece with Base23. The work featured Walker’s signature portraiture combined with Base23′s abstract element, and the duos collective colorful themes.

– Blake Holmes

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