Charlotte Olympia: Shoe-ology 101

Whether you are headed to the Grammy’s or out on the town with the girls, Charlotte Olympia has a shoe for that… and a bag too!

Creator, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, designs artistic fashions that are worthy of a museum exhibit. Her credo is to make “luxurious feminine shoes with a sense of humor.” Since debuting in London’s 2008 Fashion Week, her shoes and accessories have graced the red carpets and became a favorite among celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

Dellal was born to design but like everyone it took some trial and error for her to find her fashion niche. After attending London College of Fashion, where her professor pointed out that all of her outfits were accessorized to the “T.”’ Dellal joined the school’s Cordwainers College, which specializes in shoemaking and leatherwork, where she fell in love with making shoes. Her mission was to make shoes that were beautiful yet comfortable. “What kind of female shoe designer would I be if I made uncomfortable shoes you couldn’t walk in?” said Della in a 2014 interview with The Guardian. The brands top selling shoes, the iconic “island” platform pumps and kitty flats, are fun, funky, available in multiple colors and, most of all, comfy!

Olympia’s Spring 2017 collection is absolutely bananas. Wooden platforms adorned with bananas and other assorted fruit will make you hungry or ready to run to the first beach that your passport will take you. But no look is complete without a bag. The collection also includes fruit shaped bags and clutches to match.

The designer has twelve international flagships, including five stores in the United States. The entire collection is available online and select items are carried by most high-end retailers. Dellal continues to focus on creating women’s shoes and handbags, however, the line has expanded to include Incy, a line of stylish kicks for kids. This summer you will probably see quirky shoes and accessories in paparazzi pictures of your favorite celebrity and they are sure to be from one of Charlotte Olympia’s collection.

-Keyerika M. Ross