Liam Neeson: Gratia

Actions shape our world. The decisions of goodwill and grace as well as malevolent choices affects all outcomes. In the same manner, action movies revolve around choices. The main character is often presented with an issue, and has to make a decision on which path to take towards a solution. Action movies are more than just mindless violence, most contain plots of moral dilemmas. Critically-acclaimed actor Liam Neeson is one of the most prominent action movie stars in Hollywood. However, to consider him just an action star in thoughtless films is egregious. His films directly reflect his feelings towards life and its’ machinations as well as his faith, “We really had to strip away the layers and really confront yourself in what your real beliefs are. I certainly did, didn’t come away with any answers…I’m still questing, let’s put it that way,” he explained to CNN about his role in the film Silence. Neeson’s movies represent important themes such as tragedy, religion and most importantly life and death. Neeson’s quiet dignity and grace enhances moviegoers’ experience in any film he stars in. Although he has lived a life full of major film and personal successes, we should note his accomplishments beyond the silver screen.

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