Chvrches: Leaving Their Trace

Relatable, feel good music is exactly what someone looks for when listening to different artists.  The lyrics, the beat and even the video of a song can leave a lasting impression. When I listened to Chvrches’ track “Leave A Trace,” I was hooked.

Unapologetic synth-pop band Chvrches has been in the game since 2011. Their music most certainly gives 1980s summer time vibes for sure. The “v” in Chvrches is no mistake.  It was put there to distinguish them from different religious information when searching for their music online.

The trio were in different bands before they came together to form Chvrches. Iain Cook asked Lauren Mayberry to sing on a few demos that he made with Martin Doherty, an old classmate.  They gained popularity after they debuted their demo Lies.

With fans in Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S., Chvrches most definitely has a dedicated fan base. The bandmates even have their lyrics tattooed on them.  They’ve performed at SxSW and Canadian Music Week. When describing their shows, Mayberry told British music journalism magazine NME “We play it like it’s a rock show,” she said “And it sounds like it’s a synth-pop band. But lyrically it’s probably ’90s emo.”

The bandmates are big fans of Whitney Houston, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush, and The Cocteau Twins and they are influenced by a lot of 1980s pop.  Songs of pop, dance, synth and electronic have greatly influenced Chvrches’ sounds. Chvrches is not a group to shy away from speaking their mind. Lead singer Mayberry has been outspoken on objectification, sexism, misogyny, harassment and equality in the pop world.  “I was conscious of wanting to be more honest in the way that I was writing,” she said in an interview with online magazine Pitchfork.

Mayberry, a proud feminist, was a freelance journalist with an undergraduate degree in law as well as a master’s degree in journalism.  She writes a lot of the groups’ songs, also. Cook and Doherty, as well as Mayberry, play the synthesizer as well as other other instruments.

Most recently, the group has been working on their new album Love is Dead.  It takes a more political approach.  Cook told Pitchfork, “In this time, people need to be saying what’s on their minds directly without any abstraction.”  Chvrches’ is making sure that there is no mistaking what they have to say.

No matter what a person does in life, standing up for what they believe is important.  Using a platform to voice what is right can always lead others to do the same thing. Chvrches executes this beautifully.

-Breon Jordan