The general expectation of former Disney Channel stars is either a spectacular fall from grace or a fade into oblivion. Bridgit Mendler, known for her roles in television show Good Luck Charlie and movie Lemonade Mouth star, managed to escape the common pitfalls of childhood stardom.

Many fashion labels are not able to achieve the duality of streetwear and luxury wear quite like UK based fashion label Superdry. Superdry can be spotted on an ordinary English teenaged festival-goer or an A-list celebrity. The label’s amazingness is due to it’s affordability and accessibility to the general public while supplying high quality clothing.

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In the last few months, grime and R&B songstress Ray BLK has been making headlines for her pulsating beats, sweet caramel voice, and most of all, her boldly candid lyrics.  The Nigerian born, UK-raised singer was recently named the winner of the BBC Sound of 2017, a list that is dominated by #BlackGirlMagic this year and a title previously held by artists like Adele and Sam Smith. Unlike her predecessors, Ray BLK is not yet signed to a major label, but that hasn’t stopped her from grinding and releasing music on her own terms.

Blending African-American women and traditional Korean dress seems like an idea that one has to ponder for a while, but not for one artist. According to, Chris Shim was inspired by a random thought that these two elements would go together. This simple thought couldn’t have been more true; the two cultures fuse perfectly showcasing the ideal representation of multiculturalism. Shim mixes the cultures effortlessly in his murals shown around the world, from Korea to California.

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In hip-hop, it’s commonplace to hear someone refer to themselves as a boss. The term in itself just sounds cool, and it’s pretty uplifting, but it can also be misleading. The true definition of a boss in the terms that we use it, is someone that puts others in position to succeed and become bosses. Not too many people have the wherewithal or the heart that it takes to be a boss. Of the handful of bosses in the game, or who’ve come up in the game and graduated to other endeavors, Stayve Jerome Thomas aka Slim Thug has managed to continue to stand out amongst them all.

Many of us fail to realize that fashion is not just about looking cute – it’s a serious art form. From the sketchbook to the sewing machine, the process of creating a clothing line requires great artistry. Looking a bit closer, one begins to see the intense creative process that is required of a designer. For Hong Kong’s up and coming designer Cynthia Mak, her interest in fashion design was not rooted in a love of clothing, but rather, the visual arts.

A painting is often defined, not by the artist or the quality, but by the content. Some paintings were intended to capture a thought, and some were intended to capture images. But sometimes, the best paintings capture moments unplanned and unscripted. They capture life.

Lyricism is somewhat of a lost art in the modern age. The music industry is enveloped with a legion of major recording labels and manufactured artists shoveling vapid lyrics to the public. Alas, there is a shining beacon of hope. Laura Marling’s complex use of mythology and folklore communicates innocuous subjects such as young love and heartbreak brilliantly. This English singer-songwriter’s silky vocals combined with her clever lyricism has made for a lasting career in Britain’s modish nu-folk scene.